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Carers' Assessment

If you provide regular, unpaid practical or emotional help and support, to someone with ill health or a disability, you may be classed as a carer. It does not matter on the age of the person or your relationship to them; a carer can be looking after a partner, child, friend, neighbour, parents etc. and may or may not be living with the person they are looking after.

Many people who assist loved ones in some way may not see themselves as a ‘carer’, but this term may apply to you if you provide support to someone who could not cope without your help.

There are many positive elements to being a carer, but sometimes you may feel in need of some support yourself. By law, you are entitled to a carers’ assessment from your local council.

What is a carers’ assessment?

A carers’ assessment is free from your local council, and looks at your needs and things that might be able to make your caring role easier.

The assessment will look at the impact caring is having upon your own life, including your emotional and physical wellbeing and how well you are able to do day to day tasks. The assessment should also look at what you want to achieve, whether it be going to work, studying or socialising more.

The assessment may be offered face to face, online or over the telephone. These options will vary depending on your council, and all three may be offered.

What happens next?

Depending on the outcome of your assessment, your council should write to you to tell you whether or not you are ‘eligible’ for support, and explain to you why this decision has been made.

If you have eligible needs, someone from the council should be in contact with you to discuss what support options may be available to you.

If you are not eligible for support, you may be  given some information and advice on your role as well pointed to local organisations who may be able to help you.

If you wish to speak to someone from the Hospital of God about having a carers assessment, please see our Carers Support page for details of who to contact.

If you require more information about getting a carers assessment, the following organisations and web pages may be useful for you:



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