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Hello my name is....


All of our services at the Hospital of God have recently signed up to become part of the national 'Hello my name is...' campaign than aims to promote better patient care and a more personalised approach to services

The ‘Hello my name is’..... campaign was set up by Dr Kate Granger who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, and realised whilst staying in hospital that many medical staff never bothered to introduce themselves to her, even when delivering life changing news. Kate and her husband Chris set up the #hellomynameis campaign in response to this. The campaign is focused on reminding staff to introduce themselves to patients properly as it advocates that a confident introduction is the first step to providing compassionate care.

The 23rd July was international #hellomynameis day, as this was the second anniversay of Kate's passing away and the campaign is a lasting legacy to her memory and her work. To celebrate Kate and Chris' work, we had a week long celebration of the campaign with all of our staff pledging to support better care for every person we work with. Staff throughout the organisation, from care assistants to finance officers have been made aware of the campaign and we around proud to be supporting #hellomynameis as an organisation.

If you would like to know more about the work of Kate Granger and her husband Chris, visit

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